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Miscellaneous DG Tips & Tricks

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Miscellaneous DG Tips & Tricks

Post by Redefinition on Thu Oct 15, 2015 5:55 pm

Miscellaneous Dungeoneering Tips & Tricks


- Including the boss and the base:

  • Small dungeons have 6-8 critical rooms, with 2-3 critical keys
  • Medium dungeons have 10-14 critical rooms, with 3-5 critical keys
  • Large dungeons have 19-23 critical rooms, with 4-8 critical keys

- You can skip floors with tokens at the Rewards trader.
- The Scroll of quick teleportation can be purchased from the Rewards trader for 50k tokens. Once read, it permanently unlocks a "quick" version of the Home teleport spell, which can only be cast outside of combat.
- The Gorajan trailblazer outfit(s) from Treasure Hunter provide significant benefits to F2P Dungeoneering, including the ability to skip most puzzles once per floor (and per party).
- Completeing 1 Daemonheim task unlocks the ability to start every floor with some additional items. You have 2 choices: (1) start each floor with 200 rusty coins, or (2) start each floor with 25 rune essence + 50 feathers + an antipoison. The second option is the best option, and can be selected by speaking with the smuggler at the base.


- Abilities can be fired while running.
- Ability queuing allows you to have your next ability lined up in advance. You can enable this under Combat settings.
- It is efficient to have different loadouts in the Bound Items Setup interface for different types of DG. For example, you should have different loadouts for 5cb and 2cb3sk DG.
- Skillers can hide Attack options for NPCs through the Combat settings interface.
- You can set up multiple "quick prayer" presets and drag them to your action bar. This uses 1 slot per preset, but each preset can activate multiple prayers. It is useful to have different setups for Magic, Melee, and (where applicable) Ranged, at the very least.
- CBers should be using the Magic ability Surge and Attack ability Barge as often as possible. These abilities allow the player to teleport up to 10 squares forward, every 20 seconds (they have separate cooldowns). They can be used to move diagonally.


- The Party Details interface (from your Ring of kinship) will show party members' names in different colours. These colours correspond to the colour of each player's arrow on the map.
- XP-share is turned off so that the critical XP is easier to calculate.
- Whenever there is at least one player with a combat level of 3-5 (skiller) in your party, you will likely achieve the best XP/h by setting the party difficulty to the number of these players. For example, a party of 4 with 3 skillers will be set to 4:3 for the best XP/h.

Interfaces and Ease of Access

- As of August 2017, the map is open permanently and updates in real-time once you open it. It can be closed by clicking again. The map can be moved in non-Legacy interfaces via Esc > Edit Mode > Gameplay HUDs Editing.
- You can have up to 5 action bars on your screen at a time, by enabling them in Game settings > Action Bar settings.
- You can assign a hotkey for opening the map (among many other things), by pressing Esc > Controls.
- The option to drag and drop items (such as gatestones) can be selected under Game settings > Gameplay settings.
- If using non-Legacy interfaces, your minimap can be resized to allow you to see more rooms. This is especially useful to see where your teammates are.
- Left-clicking the compass by the minimap will reset your camera orientation to face North. However, by right-clicking the compass, you can also select to face South.
- Keys can often be tedious to pick up if the Loot Inventory system is enabled. To disable it, press Esc > Game settings > Loot settings, and untick the corresponding box.
- Keys can often be difficult to see on the ground. You can change your Loot beam settings in Game settings > Loot settings, so that the most visible Loot beam is selected.
- If using the NXT client, make sure you disable Loading screens, as these will slow down your reactions after teleporting. To do this, press Esc > Game settings > and untick the corresponding box.
- Using NXT can make it very dark inside floors, and therefore difficult to see. You can activate a skybox or filter inside floors to improve visibility by right-clicking the world map / DG map icon. A good skybox to use to make the floor brighter is "Dawn".


- Winch room:

  • If 2 players throw a Climbing hook within a few ticks of each other, the process of turning the winch can be skipped.
  • If your teammate is not in the room but on their way, it can often save time to make an extra Climbing hook for them (to utilize the 2-at-once tip above). Indicate this by saying "Made 2", and make sure to drop the extra Climbing hook for your partner.
  • You should always take at least 2 Broken climbing hook heads from the crate. This is because the head will disappear if you fail to smith it. 1 Meatcorn is enough, however, as you keep it even if you fail to spin it.

- Levers room: In many party sizes/difficulties, this room can be completed with less people than the designated difficulty. For example, in 5:3 difficulty, this room can be completed by 2 people rather than 3.

- Statue rooms:

  • Right-click crafting stone blocks is best, since left-clicking produces an extra interface.
  • It is safest to craft items near the mining spot/crate, since they can break.
  • If your teammates are in the room, it is best to call which statues you will be doing. For example, "2e" means you'll do the 2 eastern ones.

- Magical construct:

  • Right-click crafting is best for these items as well, as left-clicking produces an extra interface.
  • Since the construct spends some time to open the barriers, you can do other useful things while waiting. This includes opening other doors or getting laws and feathers.

- Moving statues: It is almost always best to pull statues, as an NPC or player can block you from pushing them.

- Pondskaters: The pondskaters will always begin in a 2x2 formation in the center of the pond. When they are in this formation, the southwest pondskater will always have the key.

- Monolith:

  • Mysterious shades will never spawn in the northeast corner of this puzzle room. Thus, standing in the southwest corner is the most efficient place to stand, as it gives you the largest attack radius.
  • Sometimes, there will be a door that is openable before the monolith is charged. These doors are either a skill door (ex. Mining door) or a Guardian door, and in some cases, a door that appears graphically darker than the others (Click here for an image).

- Sleeping guards: Running over the broken bottles will wake the guards, however running over normal tiles will not. Thus, you can save a bit of time if you turn run back on after you have walked over the bottles. An alternative way to do this puzzle can be done without turning run off: simply click the first square of a garbage pile to run onto it; after you stop, you can finish moving over it.

- Ghosts: Ghosts will appear as level 5 when DGing with skillers. In rooms where the ghosts are level 5, which is also possible without skillers, there will be one level 2 ghost. This is the attackable ghost.

- Emotes: The interface for selecting which emotes to use previously closed when doors were opened. This is no longer the case, so you can open other doors while players do the emotes puzzle.

- Matching light sequences: You can skip matching a light sequence by charging its lodestone in the same tick that another light sequence reaches the middle crystal. Charge a lodestone in the same tick that an activated light sequence is not visible (due to it being in the middle).

- Fishing ferret:

  • Having your own logs is very useful. If you don't have logs, chopping a tree in the room might be faster than running to the fire. As of August 2017, trees are identified on the map with a tree icon.
  • The holder of the Group gatestone should run to the fire so that the tooler can teleport quickly.
  • Fish can be thrown 2-3 ticks ahead of time instead of when the ferret comes to a stop.

- Coloured ferrets: It can often save time to work with your teammate(s) in "setting up" ferrets for the other(s) to move.

- Runecrafting tiles: If your teammate(s) are in the room with you, it's best to call either "green" or "yellow" to indicate which colour you want the completed puzzle to be.


- It is very useful to fire a damage-over-time ability as your first hit for most bosses. If these bosses are not stationary, you can force them to move (by running underneath them) to apply a damage multiplier.

- Icy bones: This boss sometimes creates a barrier of ice around the player, limiting their options of escape. This can sometimes block the ladder for a short period of time, so it is best to run to the ladder while attacking this boss.

- Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz:

  • If players enter the portal, they slide in the direction that the portal is facing. Thus, you should either call your teammates as usual, or wait until the Group gatestone is safe by the ladder.
  • If you start sliding on the ice, but didn't intend to, stop clicking until your character has safely come to a stop.

- Skeletal Horde:

  • A tunnel is only closable after 2-4 skeletons are killed.
  • It only saves time to risk HP on the last tunnel. For every other tunnel, wait for the message to close them before attempting to. For the last tunnel, start risking HP after the 2nd skeleton is killed.
  • When you get the message to close a tunnel, do not kill any skeletons until a tunnel has been closed. This will NOT count to the threshold of 2-4 skeletons, and is thus wasteful.
  • The person talking to the Divine skinweaver after the tunnels are closed should teleport to the end ladder via the Group gatestone or a personal one.

- Hobgoblin Geomancer: This boss can bind you, so it's best to run to the ladder as quickly as you can.

- Har'lakk the Riftsplitter, Bal'lak the Pummeller: These bosses shoot portals on the ground that cause massive amounts of damage when a player is near them. Avoid standing near the ladder during these boss fights, so that the portals do not kill anyone while they are ending the floor.

- Stomp:

  • Previously, less than 2 crystals could appear if there was too much debris. This is no longer the case. However, you should still mine the debris where possible, as it can block your path to the lodestones and potentially delay the floor.

- Sagittare:

  • Shooting a damage-over-time ability will carry damage after Sagittare teleports, meaning that you can cause damage even if you cannot reach him.
  • He will always teleport to the corners of the 3 large squares.
  • He will always start on a corner of the outermost set of squares, teleport to another corner on the outside, teleport twice to the corner(s) of the second set of squares, and then to the middle.
  • It is best to run to the ladder as soon as possible, drop the Group (and/or your personal) gatestone, and move closer to the center for a larger attack radius.

- Night-gazer Khighorahk:

  • You can shoot abilities at this boss while running to the pillars of light.
  • It's usually only efficient to light 2 pillars total, as the first phase is usually close to completion by then.

- Lexicus Runewright, Rammernaut, Har'lakk the Riftsplitter, Stomp, Sagittare, Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan: These bosses have special attacks that can be dodged if you're quick enough.

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